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RealLegal’s E-Transcript™ is the litigation market standard in electronic transcripts e-mailed from your court reporter. Created by your court reporter with RealLegal software and delivered to you via e-mail or on diskette, E-Transcript comes as a read-only, accurate, encrypted, virus and password-protected, electronically signed transcript. RealLegal E-Transcript Signatures follow statutory guidelines for admissibility.

We guarantee page and line integrity, so you get a consistent, professional version every time — no more wrestling with ASCII files! You receive a read-only, searchable, printable, electronically signed transcript that arrives via e-mail or on diskette for secure and instant delivery with page and line integrity guaranteed

Download the FREE E-Transcript Viewer for attorneys who receive E-Transcripts in the firewall-bypassing PTX format from their court reporter. Download the Viewer once and work with any PTX E-Transcript file! (Please note, with the increase of internet security protocols on our clients servers, Cavalier Reporting sends all E-Transcript in PTX format rather than EXE format.  Upon request, Cavalier Reporting will convert any E-Transcript to EXE format)

E-Transcript delivers

  • Reduced delivery time — Instant delivery via e-mail. No more waiting for couriers.

  • Easy and accurate citations — Copy text directly from the E-Transcript Viewer and paste it into your work product. The pasted citation includes deponent name, date, page and line summary, and the formatted text.

  • Value-added format — Reduce the time you spend digesting and summarizing transcripts with E-Transcript’s Hyperlinked Word Index. The interactive key word index is electronically linked to page and line numbers in the transcript.

  • Familiar — E-Transcripts look just like the thousands of paper transcripts you’re used to juggling. Only now it’s electronic, compact and easy to use.

  • Guaranteed page and line integrity — Every E-Transcript you receive is consistently professional and always perfectly formatted.

  • Security — Every electronically delivered E-Transcript offers password protection, encryption and virus-protection.

  • Export flexibility — Unlike ASCII files, you can save your E-Transcript into a third-party word processing or litigation support package.

  • Printing power — Choose to print your own condensed transcripts (one page or up to 16 pages of transcripts per sheet) and word indices. You can print, print preview and view the page setup of a transcript.

Read about E-Transcript's impact on attorneys!


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