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  eTranscript Success Stories

Don's Story
Attorney Discusses his Preference for RealLegal's E-Transcript™ & Reporters Who Offer It **

The Perfect Solution to a Common Problem 
Louisiana attorney Don Johnson received ASCII-formatted transcripts from his reporter for years. When a local reporting firm offered him a RealLegal E-Transcript™, he declined the offer because initially, he didn’t know what it was. 

Shortly thereafter, another reporter he was working with offered him an E-Transcript again. This time his curiosity was piqued. What was this E-Transcript he kept hearing about? He decided to try it. 

He was immediately impressed. Not only did he receive his transcript quickly and conveniently via email, but the transcript he received was intact. 

“I always had problems with ASCIIs,” Don said. “The ASCIIs would need reformatting because they were created on different word processors. As hard as we tried, we never got the correct page correlation. E-Transcript provided us a solution. The transcripts were perfectly formatted.” 

About a year ago, Don’s firm decided to become a paperless office. “E-Transcript also fits perfectly into our new scheme, because we don’t have to store hard copies of transcripts anymore. With E-Transcript, everyone has access to the preserved electronic depositions.” 

Don’s New Preference for E-Transcript and Reporters Who Offer It 
For Don, nothing but an E-Transcript will do. “I see reporters who offer E-Transcript as more professional than those who don’t,” he said. “In fact, we prefer E-Transcript so much that we’ll pay reporters who insist on providing ASCIIs to convert them to E-Transcript. If we’re getting a transcript, we want an E-Transcript.” 

The features Don appreciates are the hyperlinked word index, which makes it easy for him to find things in the transcript; the flexibility in printing condensed transcripts; and the electronic format, which makes transcripts portable and enables his reporters to meet deadlines. 

“I love this product,” he said. “It has made our lives so much easier and functional. In fact, I don’t think I ever want to pick up another paper deposition again.”

**Quoted from RealLegal.com

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