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Richmond, Virginia

Strengthened by a rich and storied past and boundless energy that has fueled nearly four centuries of growth and change, the healthy heart of today’s Richmond beats with the rhythm of a modern urban center that respects and honors its colorful history. Richmond is something old and something new, nestled in the arc of a dynamic new Golden Crescent stretching from Washington and Baltimore to Virginia’s Tidewater area. From vibrant colonial settlement to fierce battlegrounds for two wars of secession to today’s hub of technology, culture, and finance, Richmond has it all.

Our Richmond office has three conference rooms; one that can accommodate up to 4 people, one that can accommodate 6 people, and one that can accommodate up to 12 people.  Each conference room has speaker phone capability so that you can conduct your deposition from your office if you would like.    

Our Richmond office is located at 4860 Cox Rd, Glen Allen, VA, approximately 22 minutes from the Richmond International  Airport and 17 minutes from the Medical College of Virginia.  Food and lodging are also only moments away.