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"When you schedule with Cavalier Reporting, you can be assured that the record will be accurate and that the service will be pleasant, reliable and professional."
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Our services include: condensed transcripts, word indices, and ASCII, Word or dirty diskettes upon request, transcripts in any time frame desired, "realtime" reporting using Live Note® or any application that you prefer, legal videography and editing and video conferencing at our Richmond and Charlottesville locations.

Realtime reporting

The term "realtime" is more recently used to refer to the simultaneous broadcast of the text of a deposition, in realtime, from the reporter's realtime CAT system to one or more attorneys' computers. This text is captured by a program running on the attorneys' computers that is designed for this purpose. Very simple means are provided that allow the text to be marked, annotated, searched, reviewed or printed during the proceeding or immediately afterwards without distracting the attorney. 
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Videography Services

Recently, video depositions have become a common if not a required tool for use in discovery. The ability to visually impeach a witness on the stand is one of the most compelling uses of legal videography.

Translate an experience to the juror by making a “Day in the Life” video.  

Our video technicians are professional legal video specialists. Their experience and knowledge will translate into a smooth experience for you, your witness and your client.
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Video-Text Synchronization

Digital Video text synchronization enables users to very quickly & easily access, edit and present video deposition clips. Text synchronization is the process of synchronizing the digital video to the court reporter's transcript. This creates the ability to instantly find a specific part of the video simply by entering a page and line number within the transcript.  There's no need to waste time fast forwarding and rewinding videotape trying to find testimony.

CART Reporting

What is Communication Access Realtime Translation? With CART, everything that is said is "captioned" live for deaf and hard-of-hearing clients. In fact, it can be thought of as captioning for non-broadcast settings, such as classrooms, churches, meetings, and conferences. The captioning may be on a small screen that can be read only by one person or the CART captions can be displayed on an overhead (for a small group), broadcast on a large screen, on the Internet, or broadcast via satellite.

The CART provider quickly types into a stenotype machine using machine shorthand, and the computer software translates that shorthand into realtime captions, matching the shorthand against what is in a specialized shorthand dictionary stored in the computer. The process is so fast that there is hardly any lag time between what is said and what the person is able to read. 
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