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With technology continually advancing in the courtroom, the need for videotaped depositions is constantly increasing. A professionally-produced video can add immeasurable impact to testimony. For example, the witness's demeanor, body language, facial expressions and vocal inflections, which cannot be visualized by the ordinary printed word, come to life on video.

Cavalier Reporting utilizes three-chip, broadcast-quality cameras for superior VHS and S-VHS production. Our cameras' low-light capability allows for most depositions to be videotaped easily with existing light sources.

All speaking parties at a deposition are wired with separate lavalier-style microphones that are extremely sensitive to vocal nuances.
The separate voices are routed to a sound mixer where they are balanced in volume before being recorded onto the videotape.

Our videographers are trained to place the witness alone in a medium head and shoulder shot. A time and date stamp is printed to every tape. Upon request, exhibits can be placed in a close-up shot.

Videography Services

VIDEO DEPOSITIONS: Capturing of testimony via electronic means (Super VHS videotape or digital) as per State or Federal rules and regulations

DIGITAL VIDEO: We will provide depositions in digital format for excellent quality and distribution on CD-ROM or DVD, if requested

SITE SURVEY/DAY IN THE LIFE: A documentary-style video program that examines/illustrates sites critical to the case.

EDITING VIDEO DEPOSITIONS: Presentation of edited video testimony. Excellent substitute when witness is unavailable for trial.

COPIES OR “DUBS”: Transference of audio and video information from one videotape to another

VIDEO PHOTOS: Creation of a still photo from a single frame of video. Excellent for creating hard copy exhibits of an event, description, or deposition.

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